Our Services

Full-service landscape maintenance

Our typical customer is a homeowner who wishes to enjoy their yard, either by having our company maintain it regularly in its current state, or through a combination of maintenance and construction projects.

Maintenance is offered on a monthly basis

Superior offers a lawn maintenance service and a yard clean-up service.

Lawn maintenance service includes:

Mowing and edging, fertilizing, thatching and aerating. Customers have a choice of a weekly or bi-weekly mowing and edging schedule. During very dry weather our custom is to visit your property and check the lawn's condition before mowing unnecessarily. You may always call us to notify us if you think we should wait another cycle before rendering service. Thatching and aerating services are best done during cool weather, preferably in spring or fall. This service is only necessary on an annual basis or less. We do not require lawn customers to use these services, however we may recommend you do so from time to time. Thatching gives the lawn the look of a luxuriant green carpet. We will overseed the lawn to fill in the bare patches caused by removal of thatch. It is also wise to fertilize at this time. Fertilizing with chemically balanced formula fertilizer or using organic fertilizer is the customer’s choice. We strongly recommend the use of organic products.

Monthly yard cleanup service includes:

Bed weeding, shrub trimming and pruning, tree pruning, grooming the beds after working them, raking out dead leaves, cutback of perennials after blooming is finished, and blow cleaning. You, the customer, may specify what your needs are prior to our visit or you may leave it to our experienced crew to address the issues which are evident on the day of the service. We include debris disposal unless you wish to handle this yourself. During the growing season there may be a sudden growth spurt of weeds, but be assured that upon our visit we will remove what shouldn’t be there.


Just as a home becomes more enjoyable and functional after a remodel, many homeowners will realize those same qualites in a redesigned landscape. You may know what you want, but simply need a project manager, or you wish to tap the expertise of a seasoned gardener. We offer the complete package.